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East Java Economic Journal with p-ISSN 2597-8780 and e-ISSN 2830-2001 is a journal to disseminate the results of academic writings related to the East Java economy to the public. This scientific publication is also a continuation of the annual "East Java Economic (EJAVEC) Forum" accessed on www.ejavec.org, a forum for discussing the development of the East Java economy in the form of paper presentations or scientific papers on various strategic issues that occur in East Java. The characteristics of the East Java Economic Journal are: 1. East Java Economic Journal invites manuscripts on an economics area, but not limited to economic development, finance , monetary, international trade, environmental, energy, public economics, econometrics, microfinance, health economics, and political economics related to the economy of East Java. 2. This journal is published every 6 months, March and September. 3. The number of scientific articles in 1 (one) period of publication is 7 (seven) articles. 4. The person in charge of scientific publications is the Bank Indonesia Representative Office for East Java Province in its management, the Bank Indonesia Representative Office for East Java Province in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Airlangga.